Keep the RCMP in
Surrey, BC!

We, the KEEP THE RCMP IN SURREY CAMPAIGN are a completely grass roots, community based, non-funded volunteer, non-partisan organization whose sole goal is to keep the RCMP in Surrey as the municipal police force, absolutely in opposition to Mayor McCallum’s proposal to replace them with a Surrey Police Department. We believe that this is a very important issue to all Surrey residents and communities, concerning and dramatically affecting our societal safety, including seniors, the homeless, the vulnerable, and the disadvantaged. We have a physical petition going that we will present to the BC legislature as soon as possible with the goal of having 50,000 signatures by then (we have >39,000 at present).

Thanks for your offer to try to fill one of our petition forms. Make as many copies as you like and even spread them around to friends and family.

Fill as many signatures in as you can. 18 years of age minimum. Please no telephone numbers as addresses – only addresses (a legal requirement). Once you feel that you have exhausted your attempts to get signatures, put them in the mail to the address at the bottom of the form. We need the original sheets (copies, or emails of scans are no good). Every signature we can get is like a grain of gold dust. Do not be shy in asking for signatures, people are really incensed by this matter and are generally more than happy to sign. Please do not canvas outside of Surrey, but any BC resident who is in Surrey at the time of wanting to sign, can – this is a provincial petition. People sometimes ask if they can sign again if they have already done so somewhere else – the answer to this is a definite no.